The charity/association was formed in November 2017 and the shop first opened December 5th 2017

Month by month and year by year we have established a positive presence in Los Belones and the wider community amongst the English and Spanish communities. The shop is often the local meeting point!


2022 has seen us grow significantly with the Children's Project being part of Yo Encuentro and 2023 will see further growth.

50 cent Food Bank campaign

During 2023 we are looking to raise a regular amount of at least €800 per month to support the Buen Samaritano Food Bank in Cartagena.

This regular donation was started some 20 years ago by LMC Owners Charity to provide fresh chicken on a regular basis to the hundreds of families in poverty in the Cartagena region.


Over the years many the regular monthly donors have sadly died or moved away from LMC and we need to find new people to take their place and increase the giving to €1000 per month as food prices continue to rise.  

                  Most of us would not miss 50 cents, but that would add up over time.


This fundraising would also benefit the other causes we support through Yo-Encuentro and The Children’s Project, including our own Food Bank supplying local families in need.

· As a local business would you host a collection box?


· As an individual would you donate your “shrapnel?”


· As an individual would you be willing to give a monthly donation of €5,10 or €20.   


If you can, will you please email us:


so we can speak to you later on this commitment.




ES21 0182 1562 1702 0153 9543

Or you can donate online by using the QR code