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This started life from a conversation in January 2022 with Natalie from Micasamo (  property sales on LMC. She wanted to know how to help and make an impact on children in need in the local community.
Through conversations with the local primary school headmistress CACLP was created. Local children were going hungry, lacked shoes and clothes, needed simple school materials and books. Funds were raised, families fed and children fit for school. Then Ruby came on the scene followed swiftly by scores of Ukrainian children arriving in the area with nothing.


This evoked amazing responses from many volunteers co-ordinated by Natlie and Ruby and one single fundraising event brought in over €18000! Dozens and families and children recieved help and new ventures are being explored.   


Since that event The Child Project - TCP has continued to expand and provided support for children and families in so many different ways.

Keeping our Schools Equal


  • We are supporting children that cannot afford the text books and materials for the school year

  • We pay for several children to have lunch and after schoolactivitiesc

  • Fully packed new rucksacks provided for each child in need

  • Fresh Food Friday – providing balanced food shop for the families in need for the weekend

  • Playground & library equipment

  • Helping Hands boxes - basic school supplies for teachers to give out as needed
  • special school equipment
  • transport for out of school activites
  • SEIS - supporting English in Schools. Volunteere bieng ib the classrooms helping the children with Ennglish

FOOTBALL FOR ALL  in 2022 supported the Children attending Evangelical FC in Cartagena

  • Along with The Childrens Project we are supported by 7 additional sponsors – see below!

  • We have delivered 55 pairs of football boots and full shin and ankle guards ready for the start of the season with the support of SALS SHOES!

  • Delivered goal posts and nets, corner flags, training bibs and cones for the teams so that each child has started training in the same way as other children can with all the best equipment.

  • We look forward to seeing the teams thrive!


IN 2023

    home and away kits for 6+ teams were provided

funding for coaching

24 teenagers were funded with full home and away kits and

Ukrainian Support

We are supporting  the many Ukrainian refugees in our region
Furniture has gone to dozens of families that have been able to find property.
We’ve provided summer clothes, sun creams, mosquito sprays, toys and basic hygiene products and now we continue to support many families through the winter with jackets, umbrellas, shoes, baby supplies.    
Rucksacks, Text books, Stationary supplies have gone to every child starting school
We collect donations all the time to support these families that are greatly in need of our help

Local Orphanage support- providing blankets, clothes and buggies along with outside play equipment.

Plus our "knitting group" constantly supplies items of knitted clothes blankets and toys where needed



ES21 0182 1562 1702 0153 9543




With your help we will continue to respond to families and children in need