The charities we support are local as well as international. Where possible we try to support those that do not generally get wide public support.


It is the smaller charities that continually struggle for funding despite the great work they are doing.


The trustees meet regularly to agree the account income and expenditure. No salaries are paid to staff but of course we have the everyday expenses of rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, licences and legal fees, IVA and taxes, property maintenance etc.
When all these are taken into account, we agree what surplus money is available for distribution that month. We keep an emergency fund for when a charitable need is urgent and the balance goes to local, national and international charities.


Our main support has been to THE KENYA FUND - This is a small charitable work run by Bob and Mary Barham (Trustees). They have lived and worked in Kenya over previous years, supporting charities.
Now through THE KENYA FUND we support orphans, street children and vulnerable children in families. This work in Kenya is carried out through a local qualified social worker. Rather than use an orphanage we try to keep children with their families, pay for residential and local education and all the related costs. More details are available on request


  • Over the years we have also donated funds to:

  •  Little Sisters of the Poor in Cartagena.

  •  DEBRA The Butterfly Skin Association 

  • The Dogs Refuge in Las Barracas

  • Los Infieros dogs home

  • The Horse Sanctuary 

  • La Manga Cats

  • The Make a Dream in Mazzaron

  • Street Children in Honduras

  • Single mothers and prostitute support project in Guatemala

  • ECCH Children’s Home in Elche  

  • Help at Home Mar Menor

  • An orphanage in remote India..

  • Leprosy Foundation Spain.

  • Betel Drug Rehabilitation

  • Collective Calling Malaga

  • Flood relief victims in Los Nietos and Los Alcazares.

  • Buen Samaritano Cartagena

  • Ukranian families and organisations

  • World Kitchens - supplying food and meals in Ukraine and Poland for refugees

  • Play equipment, books and materials for local school

  • Evangelical Football Club in Cartagena, sports equipment, boots and team kit for 130+ children

  • Samaritans in Spain

  • Los Alcazares Pentecostal Church support for field worker families

  • School meals, books, equipment for local children

  • Individual family Care Packages

  • Furniture and home equipment for dozens of Ukrainian familes

  • Fresh Food for local familes in need

  • A borehole to provide fresh water for 80+ families in Kenya

  • emergency food and clothing packages

and so the list goes on



We also have links for donating surplus clothes to churches in Los Alcazares working with the "field workers" living in extremely poor conditions and with the Abraham Project in Cartagena


SO NOTHING IS WASTED - 99% IS SOLD, DONATED OR RECYCLED unless it is unusable or broken.