The Yo-Encuentro Charity Shop in Los Belones opened in November 2017 and has grown steadily since that time. It ‘upcycles’ the high quality donated goods, especially those from LMC, keeps its operating costs to a minimum and has given away to needy causes over €150,000. Thanks to fantastic local support.


To that end along with Salt Church Mar Menor ( we have started supporting a youth worker – Robert - working in Nakuru, Kenya and we have enabled him to set up Government approved Voluntary Foundation – “Touch Life”.

Through him in addition to working with groups of boys we are supporting at least 14 single mothers and babies living on the streets, by providing shelter, food, blankets, nappies, sanitary towels, soap, masks etc. He visits their 'hangouts' helping where possible, giving advice and protection and ensures the single mothers and babies get the healthcare needed. Through him we offer wider support to the street family community (about 1000 living on the streets in Nakuru) with counselling, food and sadly funerals. Two teenagers recently died. We are trying to develop workshops to help with self finance.

As stated before, we cannot change the country but we can change lives for many individuals at a small cost.

The economic crisis has had big effect on local people’s living conditions and wenow operate a small FOOD BANK.


Collection of food items can be donated at the shop and other individuals and organisations have joined in and where needed food items are purchased locally.


We now have a trolley in the DIA SUPERMARKET in La Manga Club where donations can be made.


Regular food parcels are made up and delivered and this service steadily grows month by month.         


   If reading this and you know of people in need please let us know

We seek to partner with other charities, with similar values to build a wider support network for those in need in the Mar Menor region